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Related article: Nary people? Why we can not be the common people, too? " Richard Adler " Kwamina II "Law (1961) Cliff felt like the Philistines when Samson broke the temple in Gaza : if Roger really he said he bought the Marsden n Well in your new home ? " But, Roger, " Cliff slightly protested: " I ​​just can not from the church rectory at home larger and more elegant in Briarwood. I never be able to explain its decision to the Board of Deacons " " Fuck 'em! " Roger said. " I've already bought. It is only place for us, but we can take the whole band, Troy and Jay, Rob and Timmy... Hell, it's so damn big, we can invite 24 more if want! " " What would happen in this house? " " Burn it! I do not know! Into a homeless shelter. This is what we have in them anyway, is not it, love? " " All this is fine, but if you ever leaveSan Gines, where he lived the new priest, had been converted to in anything other than a parish? " " Well, you could always leave Jay out if the new priest dances our song, and if so, he can live with us! " " Damn, Roger, sometimes impossible, " Cliff said, laughing. " Look, I am the old woman, wife, Kitty, a favor. I saved your ass over again. Now you can leave Briarwood in style! " " Well, let me pray there. " " Cliff, when you say wait for a sign from God to move it to , we will all deal with travelers... I know once you see the place you're in love with her as I do ! " " Roger, " Cliff said, laughing," A foreigner will think that we have opened is a gay hotel or a brothel! " " Then he quit his job damn it! I have more than enough money in the n live the bank for us, for the next 50 years! " " It was easy for you, enter your call... But I can not do that Roge. " " forgets. I called. I followed in the first esthood. For me it was just a job. " ", but I can not give up easily, the world and make people a around me. I have the desire to help people. I mean, look what the two of us have done in so little time. It means nothing to ? " " Of course I do, however, Cliff, I want to live a life I -. TO YOU!... And if you happen to have more people in our lives, like our four people in the house... well, then so be it ! " " Roger, deacons board and how much salary I have. How could you explain where and how he got the money in a movement o place like Camelot? " "Shit ! This is a great idea. I had not thought about it, but I could have dug that a trench around the city and the establishment of a drawbridge. It could even rent a troll to sit there and collect a fee for all who wish to visit! " " Believe me, the question of how Nude Preteen Lolitas much you paid for it ? I mean, after n In general, our relationship as a marriage in which no secrets to each other. " ' Saythat the price has dropped considerably, while the lawyer was thrown around my house. " " I think you should tell me what you mean. I have a strange sense of by the way I looked at the other two this morning. He is gay, is not ? " " Cliff, do you ever an attorney, was known gay? " ", lawyers, doctors, politicians, celebrities... Hell,YES!... What to do n ?... Lance has drop your drawers, while dropping the price? " " Well, almost! " Roger said with a smile. " I saw how excited he was is always of the opinion that the sale --- and do it myself ! fantasies that was when I thought I wanted to have sex with me... Well, I tents have a powder blue pants said erection. Precisely at this time, kitten went to the car to see how the place I like to have the spear and that busy hiding his penis, I could not stop laughing and I thought Kitty something she said, laughing, until he realized launches pants. Then, as Kitty simply said, she said : Is 'as for me or Mr. Cole ? "That's when I lost it, I swear, I could not help but I laughed. After the kitten came together and stayed there two I was trying to cover his dilemma discreet. And although difficult to n ot down, somehow the price of the property was legally significantly. for me the original price was very cheap. I would have had a fool not to buy... and I know I 'm not stupid, so I wrote them a to see more than half. 'll pay the rest when Kitty is removed. " " And when is that ? " Cliff said. " You have to sell a lot of personal items or to get rid of, so that decided two weeks was quite fair for all, I do not buy n. " n "What is Kendall ? to remove the box and take with her? " " you and I want to talk, and I told her she was the same I if Kendall was going where. he had been at peace, why a him, and at the same time, I said to myself: " Yes, my God, can Nude Preteen Lolitas not be poor children " spend. " eternity in their responsibilities " So you're thinking about asking out on an appointment? " Cliff joked. " No, but I'll watch it again. Finally, it is Kitty lawyer he will draw the necessary documentation for the sale, so I'm sure it will be there when me firm. You can be there when you want. " " No, Kitty, do not know about our relationship. She thinks she my ​​best friend from out of town for a few days with me. I do not care either, but could be better if you do not know, I'm gay. Such knowledge in the hands of Kitty could only cause problems. " " Cliff, before you get all the negative I know that I love , body, mind and soul... and I bought this house for us... for you and me!... and I want to grow old together there... children or Dogs... giraffe and peacock... whatever you want to increase further... raise that... as long as we're both happy. " "How long do you think the six of us could live together in peace and harmony?" Cliff asked directly. "Cliff, in which the backbone or core, is not no matter how many people live with us because it would make all peaceful. " "Now you are me, butter to give me, you! " n "does not want to sound like a bargain, but if I love you enough to giving a gift like this, do not love me enough to try to find out one of them enters the new home for awhile, anyway? "looked Cliff at him without speaking for a full minute before he spoke. "Do you mind if I call you Naomi?" Cliff said, smiling. "Quo vadis ? N A where you go I will go there too... " " Thank you, my love. " Roger said as he came to embrace Cliff fixed. " Well, I 'd better go tell the children that are waiting to us at the table, will have to move... again ! " \\ \\ n At dinner, as Roger Cliff and the news, the other four n, a sea of ​​faces masked his feelings --- surprise, surprise, happiness, concern,. Fear fear came mostly from Cliff. He still did not know how to accept n the community of the Church such a drastic change in the local priest and the mass of young people who fit into one place be the means of the multitude of rumors will surely be broken. The large new settlement want to find a home for the survivors. Troy was the first to speak : "Roger, as long as we live here in the parish house, we know that the church was to pay rent and utilities , because they are the Cliff is home and all tools, entitled, , but the idea of ​​living in your new home, brings a different perspective on the n for the four of us, we can not continue and live a sponge. is only no not right. " " Why not ? so I have money. Na and deserve? I do not. I hereditary. Maybe God is that Cliff has preached to me that \\ \\ n I could use to help others. No one but me, my lawyer, and n Bank know how much you have, but believe me, I have more than one army troops must be living in Nude Preteen Lolitas resolutiont of his life. If you think you need help, something s to maintain their dignity and pride, then we will arrange something stay as long as you want. " " I have a disability each month, consider Roger, you can use. "N , Jay said. " No, I have, and your accommodation and meals for my protection investments. "Roger said. " What is the investment? " " Well, because it is n in a business meeting and make because we have the whole family, we talk openly. As you know, if Troy had its accident, there were some bills in the hospital I am sure, Mrs. Kitty pay for , but Troy has to give her freedom, I wanted to pay. The help more, Troy, rather than helping me in the long term. Troy makes a much better each day and one day may be enough to get a job. And then and only then, if he thinks that the two are their solvent enough to get your own place, we will discuss a different arrangement. But until then, we leave everything as it is now. Do you agree ?At this point, that two of them are worth more than any number of money could replace. I see that the two are very much in love y, well, if it is not broke, do not try to fix it ! " " What about me ? "Asked Rob. " I have still my job. I can contribute some n monetarily. " " Well, Rob, "said Roger. " I guess one of the first things that that have to do is divorce. You will have the fiscal charges when ready, my attorney "pro bono" to use. Revealed by what became the wife s, is on trial for Timmy, I do not know any judge, except Wilkinson of the judges would be for not paying child support. Then, if would feel better if you want to live with us, can contribute, so if the Nude Preteen Lolitas Family Fund " to think. " How do that ? Would you be comfortable my condition? " " Of course. said: " Rob. " God s no wonder that all loved Cliff of your life. " " Are you saying that he loved Roger by Money? "Cliff joked. " I fell in love with him, as everything I thought I had a hole in the torn groin. " " Is that what made you love me? "Roger asked to continue the joke go. " Well, it was what came out of the hole that caught my s eyes. "Cliff joked again. " Ay, ay, Roger, we have an idea of ​​the wonders that the LED Cliff "rebuked Jay. " in the cradle, only when asked by the exposure control, "said Cliff, bursts finger at Jay, then laughter, holding Roger options. " Well, Timmy " Roger went on. "We know that he went to hell is through the last days. With luck, almost everything looks n good, right ow. With your permission, my lawyer to file a motion for directed Wilkinson revoked license because of his immoral actions I take some were for his homophobia. We talked with Tim's father to the task Timmy is back, but I think deep down I knew that Timmy was innocent of the harassment charge, but when he learned that Timmy was gay, he struck like lightning. It may take some time to repair the damage. However, in the n In the meantime I've set aside a fund of the cliff in the presence of the Board is deacons as a gift from an anonymous donor to create a post of Minister of Music in San Ginés. This is not in any way interfere with the normal organist and choirmaster of the tasks, but give the new Minister of Music, Timmy n, the chance to win and to rent, if necessary, trained voices for the chorus of and maybe a band or orchestra in order to increase the mass. This is only n In high school refuses to accept Timmy again. I wish there was some way to drive the damn, what they did to sue his reputation, but, as all know that as soon as it creates a stigma of child abuse, the defendant n each later Nude Preteen Lolitas time is regarded with suspicion. " " My God, Roger, "said Jay up, of course, wonder in his voice, " You've thought of everything. I have wanted to mourn, "God bless us all " or "Every time a bell rings, an angel comes to beAlas. "If I have all these known was going to happen, I would have cooked a turkey with dressing broccoli and we enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner. " " Cliff, you want to add something ? "Roger asked all eyes n looked at Cliff. Deleting the tears of joy, said Cliff. "I have my reservations as n , as the Church as a whole will be in all these actions, but that s something I need to do on my own. We will be viewed with Questions and contempt, I sure but not necessarily community s. Most members are liberal and St. Genesius open minded enough to give us his blessing. what our rivals confessions have to wait for God give them an explanation. no no matter what we do is always going to criticize and condemn to hell. but if look at the four of you and all the trials and tribulations, had n pass why can not miss the blessing of God to be ? My greatest regret is that Kendall is not much here that feels tthe table with you. that is still the element that keeps this from being a thoroughlyhappy home. All we can do is, according to the teachings of Lord and go out and try examples of what good people to be gay n may be. We're not crazy, are not anomalies of nature. We are human beings, as everyone else. We eat, sleep, breathe, feel, laugh, mourn, and that are in a position to violate the ignorance and hatred. I urge you to consider of Kendall 's world and see their own lives and the difficulties of the You have been through --- and learn from them! They were doing a test to see how, and whether we could overcome them. Each one lives the life of Job in his path own. Some are more severe disease than others, but these are treated by experience, we have to be stronger and to help less fortunate than us. " " Cliff, in my naivete, I can only ask, who was San Gines ? "Asked Timmy " Well, he's someone closer to you all as you think. Jay should know ,him, and therefore should Rob. San Gines is the patron saint of the actor e interpreter. He lived in the third century, and he was an actor. He was playing in a satire on the baptism of Christians. It was the type the game that entertains the Romans. Nude Preteen Lolitas But one night, amid a power , while the simulation Genesius baptized, became suddenly a and stopped the show and preached his new faith. It was is a very popular show and received many opportunities to end his new confirmation of the faith, but each time he refused. And beheaded to bring silence. Years later, the Roman Catholic Church canonized him. He is probably the angel on the shoulder. " ", I thought you were, and I thought Roger was sitting on the shoulder. " Replied Timmy. " No, I'm afraid, Roger just sits on the shoulder at night, and then only when we are alone in bed. "Cliff said, winking Rog. " I am the patron saint of actors was from San Vito. "Rob said. " issome, most of the dancers. It was fourth -century Sicilian , who lost their lives in defense of their faith. Its use in 1600 people to dance around his statue in the hope of a cure. The audience thought the dancers suffered chorea or epilepsy, so that all who have difficulty remaining seated in a given situation is San Vito have Dance. It is also the saint of spasticity, Jay. " " I was waiting to hear from you that! Now my night complete! Meet 'n " You know, it 's a shame that not everyone present had the opportunity, the quiet and refined, thoughtful, Jay, for the first time down at the lake. as soon and moved here with me, who had become a Jekyll -Hyde transformation, and different personality. I've never seen Jay is serious hand. " " I have. "Troy said. "That is what I am in love with her. " His n Jay smiled with the warmth he felt for all channels. "What Jay you prefer? " Jay said Cliff. " A little of everything that makes a really great person. " " I will try tWhere to find a middle ground. It is only when you get serious, I get to thinking about my illness and how short life can be, and I swishy depressed and hide behind a facade. I had never been before I've found. Who knows - maybe that's why I still live. " " Whatever it takes to do just to keep pace. You are viewing fantastic! Is not it a miracle, which can make a cocktail of new drugs and some stems broccoli? " " Father "Cliff, I my soul in danger of eternal damned if I told you to fuck her with the stem of broccoli? " Jay age. " Well, if it is not broccoli or drug, I wonder what in the world could be? " Cliff reprimanded. " Do you really want to know? Call me Helen. Every night I surprised by a part of a horse named Troy. " " Well, both drugs and broccoli. "Cliff called return. " I never thought I fall in love with someone after Lonnie died, , but what I have. " Jay said sincerely. The simple truth of his statementused a minute of silence, finally broken. " And thou shalt be with me for a n is a long, long time," Troy Jay soul penetrated view.. A quiet mood love all included in the table when the two looked at each other. Rob leaned over and took the hand of Timmy Roger Cliff grabbed. It was a real bond of love and companionship among the entire group and for each one by his beloved. "Why do not we take the phone off the hook and free dinner before that someone calls us with even more bad news ? " Said Roger. "It seems every time we have a crisis solved, another emerges. " "Good idea!" Cliff said. "Jay, you are the server ? " ", not without a clean apron. The one I'm using is wet tears. But they are tears of happiness. " the dinner was pleasant, with no drama or trauma. Roger poured all them a glass of Lochan Ora, Chivas Regal Scotch liquor, and Nude Preteen Lolitas then toasted, "To us. " When Cliff was sitting there looking at the new family, that triesa picture in your head, I could remember for years n Well, perhaps in its tenth birthday. But that only happens in Harlequin novels, he said. But he promised he would live in a world of fact, deep down I knew that one or more of them would be from the image in six months. Nothing good lasts forever. He could not know a tragedy has already happened on the way to one of them. " So it's to die for, but bare foot in the wind and the sun to melt? And what is to stop breathing, but No free the breath of his restless tides, that " n Khalil Gibran " to enhance and expand and seek God unimpeded ? the Prophet "(1923) \\ \\ n in late spring, the movement had done. The six of them had settled in their new environment and very opulent. Although the church is rulers are not fullyeviction cliff, the parish house had understood n looked away for a satisfactory reason. Maybe he knew it was that n moved with her lover, maybe not. Anyway, no protests or not asked for an explanation. the late summer of Troy was complete again. All feelings n had the strength to your lower back. Moreover, it was Jay photo No health. He had to see three different doctors and they were all n surprised by his apparently complete remission. Rob 's life was less cumbersome. His final decree of divorce and moved Clarissa had sponsored Utah work in a home for foster children in the LDS. Timmy 's father suffered Nude Preteen Lolitas had a mild heart attack, calling it his " deathbed". that Timmy had called asking for forgiveness and offered his old job as a band and choir director at Briarwood High. When old Tom is not dead, each holding their breath for fear that Tom might deny reinstatement Timmy in his old position, but did not. Timmy Sun Buried in the head AR Casavant manuals " precision drill marching bands, " prepared for the competence of the fall 's first band. "Unknown" reasons, Judge Wilkinson has his judicial office and bought a condo in Vero Beach, Florida. for him and his wife. The long and tedious post- season, Trinidad took its toll taken by the church attendance. The masses did not return until the arrival of Advent. Cliff was disappointed that the minister had accepted Timmy musical position was as excited about different and better player Cliff sounds formed in the choir. Cliff had married six do ceremonies in June, two funerals, in July, and advised four couples, all n on the verge of divorce, in August, and that one of the couples who had n married in June. moving in the Marsden Estate is a dream come true for Jay. Roger had a platinum credit card and told him that adorn it, such as smart as he wanted and the place was a scene, the classificationas Eighth Wonder. With the exception of Rob, with his work, and Cliff, s is continued his duties in the church most of the summer all Manhattan sipping iced tea passed around the pool. It was very weird to live for six guys together for four months and the first difference, or dirty word. Not an ounce of their camaraderie, and had dissipated kinsmanship , since it was completely removed. Soon he was in the second week of September and was a autumn chill in the air at night. The leaves of the great oaks and elms n in the site and evidence of an early winter with yellow, red and brown to start showing. normal Cliff, the answer happy with the change of season began of their awareness that something was wrong with Roger. Roger was upset , which was a total change of the old man. Nude Preteen Lolitas Just slept in all of the night, recording only two or three hours of sleep. N Being and cliffs was making love all night, reduced to two or tree times a week. Roger began to long walks in the woods half a mile behind the house, sometimes a the night slipped out of the house and take the unknown units destinations. When Roger Cliff gently to ask what was the problem would respond : "There is nothing wrong with Cliff.. I always fall into depression I need from just walking to my being for a short period of time.... but do not worry, I'm fine. "Cliff did not know that Roger tried to to convince yourself, or Cliff, but Cliff does not buy a word. knew that if Roger had finished, told him what was happening. The others had noticed a change in Roger, too. He sat looking to long time in space on the table, in its opinion n busy. He disagreed with informal conversation at the table and that times to answer a direct question with a silly answer.. Roger every day behavior changed in subtle ways, but the change was a new and clear, all. As children, Cliff and Roger had experiencedto snuff, but not n had attended. Since the last days many lips had not seen Cliff cigarette touch of Roger. Suddenly, Roger is rarely seen without cigarette. It was not really smoke, lit up and take a few blows, crushing it in the ashtray. That's what made ​​him go to sometimes three packs a day. Usually when a person is depressed, going to the bar, but out of a glass of wine with dinner drink was not Roger. When Roger and Cliff were with one or all the other four, Cliff was the conversation, hoping nobody would notice that Roger did not join in. He was sitting there, indifferent, listening quietly but Cliff Roger knew he had not heard a word, were the n said. His mind was elsewhere. Jay, Roger knew better than the other, the first conference Cliff was all. "What is Roger? " N ' What do you mean ? " Cliff said that the rejection of the comment. N " Come on, Cliff, you know very well whatI'm talking about You are the smartest of all six of us, so do not say that you have not noticed, as moody and reflective, which has been lately. " " Jay, I - I was hoping nobody would notice, but I would forget what How clever you are in its comic facade. " " Troy notes that as well. " ", I thought. " " Roger is sick? Are you about to do a little worried? Is that financial worried? For " n " I said 'no' to me when I asked about these things. "Cliff said: " Jay, I'm very concerned. Never have been kept secret from each other others. We have always been able to read each other's thoughts. But this time, I did not know. " " Excuse me ask you, Cliff, but do you think he found another type ? " " No, that's one thing, what I said straight. I also know is not money. I have a partial view of his previous statement, and almost fainted when I saw the balance. Believe me, it is in financial trouble ! " " What about your state of health, " said Jay. " He said he was going for a complete checkup with Dr. Lindner yhs has a clean bill of health. "Cliff said. N " Do you think he's lying ? " " No, Roger never lie. I could keep something from me on in order to avoid lying, but never lie. " " Well, I just Nude Preteen Lolitas wanted to say that Troy and I have noticed a change marked on it, and they are concerned. Both owe our lives to Him n and there is nothing in the world that we would not do for him. " " I know, Jay, and so does Roger... But Roger is so damn independent even let me do anything for him. " " Where is he now? "Asked Jay. " has been gone for a walk. He said he would help again at 5:30 dinner. What time is it ? " " 05 45th "Jay said. " Well, then go home soon. " " We could also start preparing dinner anyway. " " Holler if you need help. " " I, Cliff. " u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c u003e u003c \\ \\ u003e u003c u003e Everything was ready and willing to set the table 07:30 am. Everyone was sitting at the table, except for Roger, who had not returned from his s to go. Cliff was terrible anxiousus. Roger was never too late, unless he calls with an explanation. Cliff check the phone three times to see if there in order, but it was fine. His concern was to stop the spread Other. The expression on his face was a major concern. For nearly five months Roger had been the focal point of your life. at eight clock had not yet heard from him. Cliff decided s to go to wait on the porch. There was only one ray of sunshine left has the cool breeze in the fall, so he was taken to the dark. Cliff is body shook. He could not tell if it was the wind or nerves. Roger was as Cliff, who hated the two telephones. They had learned to hate all phones , actually. So there was no way he could get to the cliff on your Lexus. Cliff decided to play a game that is played as a child when he was waiting his mom or dad to come home. It would be all the way back down the path way, and when s back Nude Preteen Lolitas to square one, Roger got home. Often, whenrked with the parents of Cliff. So he went to the stairs and began to walk slowly through the newly paved drive leading to door. It was almost a mile from the cliff and the boy remembers Scout Handbook, a person walking at a normal pace, walk a mile in 15 minutes. This meant that when he got to the bottom, and again, would be 8:30 and return home safely Roger then. Cliff even counted the steps as he went. It was about 50 meters from the entrance when he saw two headlights come on the road. But the car came to the unit, then over. It was Roger. Cliff turned to walk toward the house. This time, he began to pray that at the time of his return to the phases before Roger was behind him and Jay him, and tell you that Roger had called. " Four - 800-100 thousand and two, four - thousand - 800-100 three thousand four four 800-100 No" Cliff was back in Nude Preteen Lolitas the back porch, where it began. He looked around sLow input long that he had just visited and had lights that comes their way. 8:35 Cliff was ready to call the police. It s been a private telephone line in each of the pairs " bedroom n, so Jay got on the phone in his room and began to hospitals, while police and Rob highway police call on his line. Cliff Sat in the room, went through your address book, hoping to see a the name of a friend, who is to know the whereabouts of Roger. a 00 22nd watch all five of them gathered to report their results and all were empty... no report of an accident or hospitalization. no friend n o member of the community had been. it was as if he had disappeared. Rob and Timmy said they seek in their cars. Cliff chose to do the it, while Jay and Troy would stay home and wait for a word or call \\ \\ n. the three of them drove, Jay said he called every 30 minutes for the report... or ' yes' or 'no'. One of the plansces Cliff had to stop was the police station and fill out a missing person s report, but it was exactly as it appears on "NYPD Blue" to be seen, can not Police are looking for someone to you have gone for 24 hours. Previously, there was no is missing in reality. For Cliff, that was silly. If a person is not at home and not told anyone where it goes, then, dammit, you're missing ! The last call, the three of them became Jay at 3:00 of the clock. that s were tired and had removed all. No one had seen or Roger or the car of your s all day. All kinds of terror invaded cliffs imagination. Tonight was not the beginning of character behavior Rogers n. Something was wrong somewhere... is happening, but where? Cliff knew to be strong as love, Roger would never play a trick, as na him. Roger would have called. Visions of cars in ditches or broken rail near bridges and locomotives lights passed through the sense of Cliff. I was so mad with fear, though expected, Roger was in a motel alone orff from the beaten track with a trick somewhere. Cliff just know that rule and that Roger was alive, though he was unfaithful. at least , he would still be alive! in all this madness, when he suddenly realized that all that s he had forgotten to pray. He grabbed the wheel and under the head of s, but not pray. He cried. "Oh, God, please! Let Roger be sure! bring it back to me, do not let it damage occurs. I know he gave the again to you, but, God, please forgive and forgive me for every fact wrong , you may punish me for ? not only to punish me this way! Please, dear God, I know you know where you are, I call and say it's OK. Please, please, please ". Cliff began to mourn and could not stop. Cliff realizes that suddenly loses faith. I hated God. His head had convinced Roger Cliff was gone, and never n see it again. This is the end of the first book. The second book is the story of OTHER Family ", the Clayton clan " in Briarwood. Both books Combine and continue in the third book.
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